Machinehead WheelCalc (32 bit)

Machinehead WheelCalc (32 bit) 1.1

WheelCalc is a spoke length calculator for wheel builders cyclists (See all)
Machinehead Software

- WheelCalc is a program for calculating spoke lengths when building bicycle wheels
- Any spoke crossing patterns possible including wheels with different cross patterns on either side of the wheel.
- WheelCalc is an accurate and inexpensive tool to calculate the spoke lengths for bicycle wheels
- WheelCalc calculates allowances for spoke stretch and wheel rim compression.
- Calculates stress and strain on spokes for given tension
- Calculates differences in tension for dished rear wheels
- Build wheels with unequal hub flange diameters and even flange hole diameters
- Build wheels with different spoke diameters, and even elasticity on either side of wheel.
- WheelCalc incorporates a context sensitive help system to explain all of the required measurements.
- Allows completed wheels to be saved as files for later use

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